Quick update

Phew, after a marathon writing session of a few thousand words, Witches Brew is finished being written. It'll get a couple of days to sit before I start editing and creating the cover for it. With any luck it should be ready to go to Smashwords next weekend. Be sure to swing by the blog to check for updates! Till it's up here is a little preview!

The sound of a waterfall not too far off caught his attention, beckoning him towards the sweet smell of water. The louder the rush of water falling became, the slower he moved, goose bumps forming on his skin as he felt heavy air wrap around him.  As he slipped closer to the source of the water the air began to fill with droplets of water, forming a mist and cutting down on his vision. Going by sound alone he picked his way through the trees, toe feeling the ground for firmness before every cautious step. When the tip of his shoe found water instead of earth, Dylan drew his foot back and slowly raised his eyes.

Before him lay the stream coming from a small pool of water, babbling lazily through the maze of tree roots and rocks. As he continued to look up the pool of water began to take shape, an elongated oval turned white with foam at the opposite end. So drawn into the falls he was, that Dylan almost missed the shock of long, wet, auburn hair draped over a pale back, reaching almost to the waist of its’ owner. Eyes wide he openly stared, taking in the sight of the nude figure, water coming halfway up her ass just low enough to reveal the shapely curve. Her arms almost blocked his view of the side of a full breast, with a little sag, and capped with a small, pink nipple.

So enthralled he was with the vision before him that Dylan almost missed the husky voice call out, “well, it seems this little spot isn’t quite so hidden as I’d hoped it was.” The sudden sound of the voice startled him out of the daze, his foot slipping on the moss coated roots and down to his ass he went. Sitting at the base of a tree he blinked rapidly, feeling his cheeks grow hot as they filled with blood. “I…I’m sorry…” he stammered.