Futa Therapy

Futa Therapy.png

With the impact of the meteor and the rise of a futanari population, Elise has found her skills as a sex therapist in high demand. Just as she's beginning to get a grip on the situation, she notices something different about her body and her sudden, insatiable desires.

On a break away from work, Carrie, her receptionist visits to check on the welfare of her employer. What she finds sets this teenager on an adventure the likes she never dared hoped for. Young men suddenly pale in comparison to her new partner and the things they can enjoy together. She helps her boss regain a mediocum of control and the chance to return to her normal routine.

The only problem is that she's already started to book other futa couples and has no idea how her body will react to the presence of another futa. With Carrie at her side, Elise tempts fate to stay within her chosen career.

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