Now Publishing on Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks!

First I wanted to welcome all of the new readers from Smashwords and All Romance ebooks to my website! 

Some of you may have heard from other authors blogs, and some may not, but the problems with Kindle Unlimited have continued to mount for authors. Briefly, they changed the payment structure last summer from $1.30 from every time a book was read to a per page payout, which amounted to $0.0058 per page. The payout would be determined by a percentage of the amount of money that Amazon set aside each month to pay out the authors. Since then the payout has continued to decline, last I checked it was down to $0.0048 per page. Now it has come out that they aren't actually calculating pages and have left a large loophole that some are exploiting to have more pages read than actually were. This, along with a few other reasons, have led me to decide to branch out with my writing a bit. 

Smashwords is the second largest ebook publisher in the US and submits the books to other outlets such as Apple and Barnes and Noble. Their system converts my books into various files, including pdf, epub, and MOBI. My profile there can be found through this link: Smashwords

All Romance ebooks is the largest publisher of only romance and erotica. Typically I have pdf and epub files on there, once I find a reliable way to convert to MOBI I'll update the files to include that. You can find me by doing a search of authors through their site: All Romance Ebooks