Updates and changes

To my readers,

Sorry that I got so far behind with the blog and keeping you updated with everything that was going on. Life has been rather hectic as of late and I've been lucky just to find the time to sit and write, much less do everything else that I should be doing. Over the last couple of weeks I've been working out a routine that will hopefully allow me to get back into the groove. For all of you who have been reading my books, thank you so much for your support!

So here's what I currently have going on:

1) I'm working on the 5th book in the Shelley series, Shelley: Halloween. This one is going to take a more serious tone by the end and alter the series quite a bit. I was asked what's different between this and Roommate's, this book will answer that. Roommate's will remain a lighter fare, touching here and there on concerns in the transgender community, but Shelley is really going to deal with some of the bigger issues.

2) Speaking of Shelley, as soon as I can figure out a 3D boxset cover in GIMP, there will be a boxset of the 4 previous books coming out. The series through those four books comes to over 42K words, which means Shelley has now entered novel length, woo!

3) As you've probably noticed, I have a story in another anthology with the writers behind Hot Summer Reads. This one is called Erotica After Midnight and should be coming out within the next week or two. We're currently putting the final touches on all of the stories and the format. 

4) For the fans of the Fluffer series I am working on the next book, tentatively titled Sophomore Summer. It'll cover one weekend in summer where the girls get together with a few of their frat members for a weekend away from parents and summer jobs.

5) Finally, with the sales of Roommates doing as well as they are, I will be working on a sequel to the story, and do plan to have that finished before the end of the year. 

Thank you again for all of the support and if you have any questions or concerns you can always reach me through e-mail, admin@jcwinchester.com.