Those characters you love to write

There are those characters you just can't help but love to write. They grow on their own, guiding your hand and sometimes driving you insane with changes midway through a story. Those characters are often the hardest to write, as they clamor for your utmost attention. Yet, it is these characters that are the most rewarding. Shelley is one of them.

As a character she makes me a better person, someone aware of their surroundings and the feelings of others. She isn't some mindless fuck machine but someone with feelings, anxieties, desires, hope, and yes, fear. It was she who made me pay more attention to the struggles that the transgender community faces and for that I can never spend enough time writing her stories. 

Her story is one that takes all sorts of twists and turns as she adventures through life, seeking new experiences and figuring out just exactly what she wants. This first book is an introduction to her and her long time friend, Matt who has no idea of her secret. It's a story of taking risks and dealing with what comes of those risks be they for good or for bad.

I hope you enjoy meeting Shelley and getting a taste of her world. As always, please feel free to leave comments as they help me to become a better author.