Author Spotlight: Jaz Cullen



Pen names: Jaz Cullen, J.C. Gordon


Genres: Sci-Fi/Steampunk & Retropunk, Romance, Erotica, Non-human Romance


Works Available:

·        Fighting the Inevitable

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·        Gypsy Soul.

Available at Amazon and Smashwords


·        Scent of Fear (Doherty Brothers Book 1)

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·        Art of Seduction (Doherty Brothers Book 2)

Available at Amazon and Smashwords


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This week I am pleased to introduce Jaz Cullen, author of Fighting the Inevitable and Top 10 author on Literotica, the world’s largest free erotica website. She was kind enough to take a break writing to answer a few questions.


1. What do you read in your spare time?


I don’t get a lot of time to read these days but when I do, I tend to stick to the paranormal romance genre. I love Nalini Singh and have most of her work but I am behind on some of her recent books just from lack of time.


2. What do you write? (As in what genre - novel, poetry, series, etc.)


I mainly write in the paranormal romance genre though I have tried my hand at contemporary romance and I have a Steampunk Sci-Fi eBook out too.


3. How long have you been writing?


Off and on for many years, though I have only been out here among the masses for the last five years.


4. What do you have published to eBook or paper back? What genre(s) can those stories be found in?


 My contemporary romances, Scent of Fear and Art of Seduction are in eBook format.

My Steampunk Sci-Fi romance is Gypsy Soul
Fighting the Inevitable was released last week in ebook and also my first ever paperback which is incredibly exciting for me.


5. Where is all your work currently available to read or purchase?


The bulk of my work is currently free on Literotica. I also have one of my books on Wattpad and some bits and pieces on my Blog.

My self-published works can be found on Smashwords and Amazon


6. Do you have any upcoming events?


 I have just completed an event for the release of FTI which was great fun. Currently, I have nothing else planned but hope to have more projects coming to fruition this year.


7. Do you have any contests or giveaways at this time?


 Nothing at the moment, though as FTI has just released, I would most definitely be willing to offer a couple of free ebook copies to your readers for an honest review on either Amazon or Smashwords if they might be interested.


8. Do you have any upcoming book releases and when?

The FTI book launch as mentioned above. I am also hoping to have one or two eBooks ready for release soon too however they are still in the pipeline.


9a. Have you read any of Jaz's work?


I would hope so…seeing as I am Jaz ;)


9b. If yes, what do you think of her work?

I rock???? bahahahahahaha