21 November Update

So my apologies for being quiet, my wife and I were at the doctors yesterday for the second-trimester scan. For those of you have had kids you know the nerves that come, hoping that your child is developing just fine and dandy and of course, the debate of wanting to know or not. Looks like we'll be welcoming a baby girl come springtime. :)

Speak of girls I am still slowly but steadily working on the next Shelley book. Poor Shelley, this book has been coming oh so slowly, but it will be worth it. As I write this book I'm beginning to think that Shelley really only has one more story after this that she'd like to tell. As much as there is more to go with it, she seems to be wanting to relish the idea of some privacy after having offered this peek into her life. We shall see but I figured fair forewarning would be appreciated.