Friday Update 30 October

So I missed last week's update, but I was a little busy trying to finish up Bloody Webcams, and when the muse strikes, it's best to get writing. 

First thing is first, Erotica After Midnight is free for the rest of this weekend. Grab yourself a copy and enjoy some supernatural erotica for this spooky holiday!

Bloody Webcams was finished last week and hit #8 for Erotica Horror on Amazon.

Next up is Shelley: Halloween, which will be much like the Simpsons Halloween episodes of my youth, appearing sometime after Halloween. Alas the timing didn't workout the way I'd hoped, but the story is rolling along at the moment. About 1500 words in and with a little luck and time, it might be released this upcoming week or the week afterward. 

After that I'm starting to look into the holidays, The Santa Shift is coming to Kindle Unlimited and I'll have a Christmas themed novella to release later on in November

So lots on the schedule, my fingers will certainly be typing away and I hope you enjoy everything they put down on screen!.