There's writing and then there's Writing

Years ago I used to write just for fun, on Lit's choose your own site, Chyoo. It was a lot of fun but real life interfered and so I quit writing until last year. I happened across an old friend on the Lit forums who convinced me to give the Survivor contest a shot and last year it was a lot of fun, got me to experiment with categories and find that there were some categories I didn't expect to enjoy writing in so much. So, I signed up again for the contest this year and have found it honestly to be very different than it was last year.

This year, 2014, is to be the last year of Survivor according to Laurel. It seems to have spurred on some writers while others are fading off. I find myself becoming more disappointed with poor scores, more in that I feel that I can do better. Instead I know I'm pushing myself too much to produce and now that I am sure that I am out of the top 5 [there is one person I know of sandbagging on purpose], it feels kind of like a weight off. As such my production levels will most likely drop and I am going to focus more on the big flaw that reviewers have mentioned, my grammar. 

For those who have patiently awaited chapters in their favorite story and bared with me through stories that were not up to the level they should have been, thank you. I hope that future stories will be more in line with the level you expect of me.