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Futa Ranch: Krystal (Book 1) - Futa Ranch is a series based on a ranch in Nevada. Each book in the series will feature a different futanari's experiences within the ranch. In the months following an asteroid explosion, futanari began to appear around the world. While some have managed to conceal their identities and retain their life as usual, others have felt the strain of hate for being different and have fled to areas where they and their fans are welcome. Anna's Futa Ranch is one of those safe havens, nestled within the Ruby mountains.

Krystal is one of those unlucky enough to have been revealed. Cast out from her home and ostracized in her hometown, she's sought refuge at the ranch. Prior to her arrival her sexual experiences had been a minimal, her life always too busy for romance, but now all she can think of is getting relief. With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, she finds herself at the door of the ranch, hoping that Anna will be willing to take in one more, despite her lack of experience.

Within the wooden doors she finds the mentors she needs, the family she's been longing for, and the ability to relieve her needs.